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Vork Change Log

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Vork 3.00

Updated to output mobile-ready HTML5 by default (instead of XHTML1.1)
Major upgrade to htmlHelper methods plus added video(), price(), telephone()
Upgraded formHelper to accept string-based "shortcut" args for basic usage
Added to formHelper::dateSelect() time & date args + dateSelect property
Upgraded get::xhtmlentities() to skip-over ASCII (in addition to HTML)
Added db::keyval() for simplified retrieval of two-column SQL datasets
Added to filterComponent urlString() and getNumbersOnly()
Upgraded vork engine for increased project-structure flexibility
Increased .debug data-capture and verbosity
Added is::superuser() and load::js()
Major upgrades to file and account components
Added validator component

Vork 2.12

Added the UGC helper providing tools for managing/processing user-generated content
Added built-in CouchDB and Membase (Couchbase) support
Added mvc::state() and setState() enabling internal-functionality that is state-specific
Upgraded load::element() so that it can be utilized for reusable objects in addition to STDOUT
Added to htmlHelper the method addSnippetToHead() and upgraded dl(), doar() and maxlength()

Vork 2.11

Added support for component-folders
Added support for passing args to component, model and helper constructors
Added is::ssl() is::bot() is::mobile() is::flash() and swapped is::$ajax to is::ajax()
Extended htmlHelper::howLongAgo to work for timestamps in the future too
Major upgrade to Oracle interface (Chris Jones)
Minor upgrade to error-logging in Mongo-enabled environments

Vork 2.10

Simplified page title/meta-data system
Added IP-logging to shorturl and upgraded to work with MongoDB or RDBMS
Added vorkMongo DB-helper object
Added "code" element
Added to howLongAgo, dl and maxlength method to htmlHelper
Added facebookProfileUrl, facebookPhotoUrl and ip methods to toolsHelper
Refactored method-signature of get::url() to accept a single array argument

Vork 2.02

Added support for Vork via CLI
Added MongoDB support to shorturl plus IP-logging
Added #json view and is::$ajax boolean
Added debug::timer() and increased debugging verbosity
Added verbose error logging and error notifications
Added $eof option to $html->js() and $html->jsInline() to automatically load JavaScript at end of instance
Added automated transparent HTML-to-XHTML 1.1 adjustment system in the html helper
Added shorthand form helper methods like $form->file() and $form->submit()

Vork 2.01

Added ability to "lazy-load" database connections
Vork can now be used in environments without control over web-root (like some shared hosting)
Simplified the database settings in .config
Renamed "headerArgs" layout variable to "head"
Simplified naming convention in forms and tools helpers, old method-names will still work but are deprecated.

Vork 2.00

Added automatic app-installer + framework version upgrader
Added/extended features for Meetup, Twitter, Google Maps, MP3 player, Flash, YouTube, ASCII and embedded PDF
Updated GoogleAnalytics to use the new asynchronous tracking code
Added phpcode() and jqueryTheme() html helpers
Added live polling-length display option to textareas
Upgraded shipment tracking to automatically identify the carrier (no need to specify UPS, Fedex, CEVA, DHL, etc.)
Upgraded error controller and error reporting system
Renamed htmlHelper::getEmailLink() to htmlHelper::email()
Added get::url() convenience method
Optimized WYSIWYG textarea code to load quicker with minimal overhead and reduced the tinymce package size
Extended the account component to utilize NoSQL MongoDB or an RDBMS

Vork 1.14

Added AJAX text translation
Added AJAX data loader

Vork 1.13

Added JavaScript-library AJAX loader
Added debug::log() method

Vork 1.12

Added integrated cache object

Vork 1.11

Added MongoDB support
Added tools for Google Maps, Flickr, tag clouds and MP3 player
Added RSS component
Added "selected" CSS-class to checkbox/radios that are checked in the form helper
Added cssInlineSingleton() to html helper
Added tools helper and moved tools from the html helper

Vork 1.10

Added phonetic-typed multilingual forms
Added Google Translator and QR code generation to HTML helper

Vork 1.09

Added URL shortening
Added twitterLink() and alternator() to HTML helper
Added HTML live preview option to form textareas

Vork 1.08

Added pop.js and cookie.js

Vork 1.07

Added pquery() database method
Added jsTools() and jsInlineSingleton() to html helper

Vork 1.06

Added to the form helper:
  • optional focus argument on getInput
  • optional alert argument on getFormOpen
  • default styling for date-selects

Vork 1.05

Added wiki search

Vork 1.04

Added get::xhtmlentities() method
Renamed ignoreAction constant (used in controllers) to optionalAction

Vork 1.03

Added ability to generate an Atom feed from the RSS layout (in addition to the existing RSS 2.0 feed)

Vork 1.02

Added file component
Added support in HTML helper for changing doctypes & CSS-media types

Vork 1.01

Renamed /webroot/index to /webroot/vork

Vork 1.00

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