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httpSocket + set + validation
MIT (X11)

CakePHP Validation + Set + HTTP Socket

This is the CakePHP Validation, Set and HTTP Socket libraries updated to PHP5 syntax for Vork.

Cake Validation

This class is used to check if a variable content validates against a restriction you want. You can check if a variable has an IP address, a URL, and e-mail address, a numeric value, etc.

if (
$validator->between($num510)) {
printf("The number %d is between 5 and 10."$num);

Cake Set

This class can be used to perform several operations with lists (arrays).

if (!
$set->numeric(array(123'a'5))) {
printf("The list is not numeric. There are some non-numeric members\n");

Cake HTTP Socket

This class can be used to connect to an HTTP server and push/pull data from it using GET/POST/PUT/DELETE/...

$data $socket->get('');
// $data will now have page content

For a complete list of features, check the CakePHP documentation about these classes.

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