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Form Tools

All examples on this page must be utilized within a form. Start a form with:
echo $form->open();
and end with:
echo $form->close();

Basic text input

echo $form->input(array('name' => 'city'));

Date selector

echo $form->dateSelect(array('name' => 'birthday'));

Advanced date/time selector

echo $form->dateSelect(array('name' => 'schedule',
'year' => array(20112014),
'minute' => array('increment' => 10),
'value' => array('month' => 5'day' => 18'year' => 2011,
'hour' => 7'minute' => 50'ampm' => 'pm')));

Rich-text WYSIWYG textarea (generates valid-XHTML 1.1 markup)

$args = array('wysiwyg' => true'name' => 'richtext''label' => 'WYSIWYG text input',
'value' => 'Try out...');

HTML-entry box with live preview

echo $form->textarea(array('preview' => true'name' => 'html_entry''label' => 'HTML-entry',
'value' => 'Enter <strong>HTML</strong> here...'));

Automatic state-maintenance: forms built using these helpers retain entered-data after form submission

Try typing into any of the boxes above or changing the date-selectors and then submitting the form:

echo $form->submit()

Your changes entered above will remain intact after the page reloads.

And there are many more form helpers...

View the full list in the API