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Tackling Big Data with HPCC Systems, Hadoop & Pentaho BI Suite

Dr. Flavio Villanustre, VP Infrastructure & Products, HPCC Systems and LexisNexis (and former-neurosurgeon!) discussing Big Data with HPCC Systems, Hadoop & Pentaho BI Suite (HD-video)

Migrating from SQL to NoSQL in the Real World

Couchbase Director of Product Management, Frank Weigel, presents in HD-video at Database Week real-world SQL-to-NoSQL migration

Elastically Scaling NewSQL Database on the Cloud

Video in HD of NuoDB CEO Barry Morris enlightening the Database Week audience to an exceptionally-innovative approach to scale a NewSQL database elastically on the cloud

Making Sense of Big Data with Hadoop

A Database Week HD-video "primer" on using Hadoop with Big Data by Gwen Shapira, Senior Oracle DBA and Oracle ACE Director at Pythian

Learn VoltDB - the NewSQL in-memory RDBMS

John Piekos, Vice President of Engineering at VoltDB demonstrates their NewSQL in-memory RDBMS at Database Week (HD-Video)

NewSQL: Relational-Document Store in a Scalable Transactional DB

Sergei Tsarev, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Clustrix, a NewSQL company - HD-video of his presentation at Database Week

Maximize your Data with Real-Time Big Data Analytics and NOSQL

720p HD-video of Database Week presentation by Brian Clark, Vice President, Product Management at Objectivity

MongoDB: The Scalable and Agile Document Database

10gen CTO & Co-Founder, Eliot Horowitz, presents for Database Month how MongoDB blends ideas from RDBMS, key/value stores and large distributed systems like BigTable (HD-video)

Couchbase - NoSQL document-database combining Membase, Memcached & CouchDB

Couchbase VP of Engineering, Sharon Barr, discusses Membase, Memcached & CouchDB for Database Month in streaming 720p HD-video

How to Scale Big on MySQL? Break a Few Rules!

NYC Development Manager at Bazaarvoice, RC Johnson, discusses for Database Month which "rules" Bazaarvoice breaks in order to serve billions of monthly requests (HD 720p video)

SchoonerSQL: 5 9s availability from MySQL and InnoDB

CEO Jerry Rudisin describes in HD-video how SchoonerSQL can guarantee no lost or stale data and how it eliminates error-prone manual steps with MySQL failover and recovery

MySQL High Availability Realized

HD-video of Continuent CTO Edward Archibald demonstrating in a live demo how to build a highly-available, scalable, multi-site database infrastructure based on MySQL, MariaDB or Percona XtraDB

MySQL High Availability Reloaded

CTO of SkySQL Ivan Zoratti presents in HD-video cool new tools and tricks to guarantee high availability to your MySQL servers

Renormalize: When SQL Meets Documents

HD-video of Akiban CTO Ori Herrnstadt demonstrating for Database Month their open source technology that makes SQL so powerful that it merges with documents and simplifies complex query execution

MySQL Scaling Techniques and Best Practices

Doron Levari, Founder and CEO of Scalebase demonstrates for Database Month techniques and best practices to scale MySQL (in streaming HD-video)

HP Hatchery Startup Ecosystem - Scaling with CTOs

Video of the CTO panel discussion at the private invite-only HP Hatchery Startup Ecosystem event, consisting of CTOs from Gilt Groupe, and PlumWillow / NYC MySQL Group

MySQL at Facebook, Current and Future

Facebook's MySQL Database Engineer, Harrison Fisk, discusses how Facebook uses MySQL in HD-video at the Percona Live MySQL Conference NYC

Tomorrow's Technology Today

I recently had the opportunity to meet Jan Peter de Valk, CIO of DHL Express Benelux. DHL Express is part of Deutsche Post DHL, a global logistics company with an annual turnover of over €50 billion euro.

Scaling Apps for Monster Traffic!

An accelerated-learning crash-course on MySQL caching, sharding and replication in 720p HD-video by Peter Zaitsev, CEO and Founder of Percona, the MySQL-performance company.

11 IT Management Predictions For 2011, We Asked The Experts

A year ago, we asked 10 IT Management Experts to give us their predictions for 2010. This year, we turned it up to eleven (I know, I just couldn’t resist), and the result is a list of what IT Management trends will emerge in the coming year.

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL, Pros & Cons

HD-video of Ed Boyajian, CEO of EnterpriseDB, the Enterprise Postgres company, demonstrating why Postgres is better than MySQL to the NYC MySQL Group at the NY headquarters of Oracle.

Building Sustainable IT ROI

The ROI of IT initiatives can vary dramatically during a project's lifecycle. This MIT CIO Corner article (reprinted with permission) explains how to establish solid IT ROI that is sustainable.

How to Prepare Your Tech-Company to Get Funded or Acquired

Mike Dunn, CTO of Hearst Interactive Media, Founding-CTO of Dell Online & Former-CTO at Time Warner teaches tech-entrepreneurs how to get funded or acquired in Hi-Def 720p video.

Legal & Tax Tips for IT-Startup Entrepreneurs

You spend your nights and week-ends coding and/or developing the technology, develop an alpha-stage model and decide to start marketing it. Then someone asks you: have you set up the apparatus to be a company? Learn the fundamentals of establishing a tech-startup in this article + audio-podcast.

Shaping the Future, Leadership for IT Executives

Larry Bonfante, Chief Information Officer at the United States Tennis Association (USTA) presents in High-Definition 720p video: Shaping the Future, Leadership for IT Executives

So you want to become a CIO? Be careful what you wish for!

Jane Landon, Chief Information Officer of the NYC Department of Finance & former-CIO at both Microsoft and Prudential shares her insight on becoming a CIO (in Full-HD 720p video.)

10 IT Management Predictions For 2010, We Asked The Experts

It’s that time of year again when we look back at what happened this year and try to predict the coming one. Rather than just coming up with our own predictions, we decided to reach out to 10 experts in IT to get insight into what trends will emerge in IT Management in 2010. We received excellent responses from experts covering a wide range of IT Management fields.

How to Get Your Tech-Startup Taken Seriously by a Big Company

Tammy Hepps, CTO of NBC Universal iVillage presenting to the NYC MySQL Group at Sun Microsystems: How to Get Your Tech-Startup Taken Seriously by a Big Company (Full-HD 720p video)

CIO Advice: IT Strategies in a Bad Economy

During this podcast, Executive Editor Karen Guglielmo interviews Pamela Rucker, vice president of IT at Phillips Services Corp. (PSC) about how to keep projects alive during tight budget times and ways to help CIOs stand out as technology innovators.

Managing a Next Generation Data Center

During this podcast, Executive Editor Karen Guglielmo interviews Ben Grimes, Avocent Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy about designing and managing next generation data centers.

MongoDB, High-Performance SQL-Free Database

Video in Full-HD of 10gen CEO & DoubleClick Co-Founder Dwight Merriman presenting MongoDB, High-Performance SQL-Free Database to the NYC MySQL Group at Sun Microsystems.

Quick Wins: Performance Tuning + 3rd Party Patches for MySQL

HD 720p video of Percona Expert Morgan Tocker presenting MySQL Performance Tuning & 3rd Party Patches to the NYC MySQL Group at Sun Microsystems

Keeping the Technology Troops Motivated

Keeping your information technology teams focused and engaged is increasingly challenging in these economic times. CIO's and their IT management teams need creative employee motivation strategies and tactics to meet the challenge.

HuffingtonPost CTO on Enterprise MySQL: Heavy-Traffic Management and Ultra-Availability

Video of Paul Berry, Chief Technical Officer of the HuffingtonPost presenting strategies for survival under high-traffic along with Jim Bartus, HuffingtonPost Lead System Administrator.

Open Source Enterprise Content Management is Growing Up

I recently had the chance to interview Aleksander Farstad, CEO of the Norwegian company eZ Systems. eZ is the company behind the open source products ‘eZ Publish’, an enterprise content management system and ‘ezComponents’, a component framework for PHP developers.

Collaborative Leadership: An Overview

It's no longer enough to respond to change—organizations must lead change or be left behind. How responsive is your organization to the new ideas that will improve operations as well as develop breakthrough product lines and services? And how do you foster innovation and creativity in your company to increase productivity and profits?

Turn Lemons into Lemonade: Increase IT ROI when Resources are Reduced

IT can thrive by embracing Enterprise 2.0 and utilizing new trends to improve business processes, even while many CIOs are enduring a reduction in resources. This is the beauty of IT; success often correlates more with technological ingenuity than the quantity of resources available.