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Vork Jump Start Service

The Vork Jump Start Service delivers customized training and consulting that yields a smooth rapid transition to working with Vork products. Save time and ensure product integrity by educating your team how to architect and code applications to best-practice standards ensures an improved experience for the end-users of your application.

This is why development teams around the world rely on Vork products. Typically, adopting new tools can interrupt your project flow and compromise deadlines; with the Vork Jump Start Service your team gets off to a fast start thus increasing the return on your Vork investment.

The Jumpstart Service Package

The Vork Jumpstart Service can be customized to your needs and typically consists of a three to five day training and an onsite engagement where an experienced Vork consultant helps get your project running with:

Key Objectives

Complete Installation

Your Vork consultant starts by installing Vork in your pre-production environment, giving you assurance that you will have a smooth streamlined transition.

Product Training

Onsite training ensures a personalized means of learning how to apply Vork products to your projects effectively. Training is presented in a seminar format customized to your team. Team members learn to optimize their use of the Vork tools from the start. They have the opportunity to ask questions specifically-pertaining to their projects and learn best-practices from an expert trainer.

Onsite Assistance

After initial training, your consultant works directly with individual team members, focusing on the issues that are unique to your project.

Example Integrations

Depending on the complexity of your environment, your consultant can provide example integration with other tools and provide a requirements-analysis for the full integration effort. These examples plus optional follow-on consulting services can help you fully integrate Vork products into your development, QA, deployment and production procedures.

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