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Maintenance and Support Policies and Procedures

Vork provides three different levels of service: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Support ModelSilverGoldPlatinum
ContactEmailEmailEmail + Phone
Hours8 x 512 x 524 x 7
Response Time1 day4 hours2 hours

Support Services

Vork provides the following maintenance and support services (exact services available are based on the service level package selected)

  1. Defect Resolution Vork will repair reported defects for the identified Vork solution and its components, custom code, integrated services and integration points.
  2. Email/ticket Support Vork will provide support via email and/or support-ticketing system.
  3. Platinum Telephone Support Vork will provide support for client inquiries and defect reports via the exclusive Vork platinum-care telephone service.
  4. Coordinating Support Contact At the Gold and Platinum levels of support, Vork will provide a named resource as primary contact for all issues addressed by these services. This primary-support resource provides continuity and coordination for the fastest issue resolution.
  5. Enhancement Requests Enhancement services are available for custom integrations, applications, Vork solutions and components.
  6. Regular Updates Updates can be implemented as part of the Vork support agreements. Vork will perform the upgrades at a time mutually agreeable to Vork and Client. Client must allocate sufficient resources to accommodate the upgrades and will be responsible for performing regression testing for validation of the update.
  7. Reporting, alerts, monitoring and SLA integration Vork can accommodate SLA's of existing providers for uptime, reporting, alerts, monitoring, etc.

Contact us for more details at (443) 300-VORK

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