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Wooden Earbud-Style Headphones

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Free Wooden Earbud-Style Headphones!

Everyone eligible gets a pair! To get yours:

Add the GoChat toolbar to your website or blog by copy-pasting the following HTML into your source-code. As soon as you do, your site-visitors will immediately be able to text-chat and video-chat with each other.

<script type="text/JavaScript" src=""></script>

(no registration is needed to install or chat with GoChat)

Wordpress blogs can install GoChat from the Wordpress Plugin Directory

Advanced-users can customize the GoChat configuration

Enter as many times as you like for more free headphones!
Each entry must contain a unique web site, blog or application that has at least some user-activity in order to be eligible.

Get your Free Wooden Earbud-Style Headphones!

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