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The winner will be randomly chosen in October 2012

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How entering this contest works

  1. The answers are all about Making Sense of Big Data with Hadoop and can be either learned from the Pythian web site or found in the Database Week HD-video of Gwen Shapira, Pythian Senior Oracle DBA and Oracle ACE Director
  2. Everyone is eligible to enter; cheating is okay, feel free to help your friends :)
  3. You need to answer at least 2 of 3 questions correctly to be eligible to win
  4. Exact spelling is not required for text-answers (grading is not effected by typos)

Enter to win:

Which of the following are actual Hadoop ecosystem projects? (check all that apply)

Which of the follow are hadoop's 5 essential processes? (check all that apply)

What Hadoop process causes the most glaring Single Point of Failure (SPOF)?

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